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Setting Up Your Facebook Fundraiser

When you register for an event, you will have an opportunity to create a Facebook Fundraiser as part of your fundraising page setup process. The donations collected through Facebook will automatically be synced with your fundraising page and will be added to your thermometer.

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser when you create your fundraising page

If you prefer, you can create a Facebook Fundraiser later through your Fundraiser Portal. Log into your DonorDrive account and select Dashboard. Click on “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” and follow the simple steps.

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser from your dashboard

Once your Facebook Fundraiser is up and running, you can track how much you are raising from Facebook on your Dashboard: 

Checking progress

When you receive a donation to your Facebook Fundraiser on DonorDrive, you will immediately see those donations synced into DonorDrive. The donations will be listed in your donation list:

Facebook donations in donor list

Note that all Facebook donations will say “Facebook Donor.”

You can thank your Facebook Donors by commenting on your fundraiser on Facebook or privately messaging the donor. After you thank a donor on Facebook, you may want to mark that donor as Thanked in your DonorDrive portal.

For more information, please read our Facebook Fundraiser FAQs.

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