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General Questions

When is the virtual ILCSC taking place?

The virtual conference is taking place Friday, August 21, to Sunday, August 23. Here is the latest agenda.

Why did the 2020 event go virtual?

We made the difficult decision to convert the International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference to a virtual format for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the safety and health of our community is our greatest concern, and the CDC currently recommends against non-essential travel and large gatherings to ensure the safety and health of ourselves and others. Many of our expert speakers are also under strict travel restrictions from their hospitals and institutions. In order to maintain the highest quality and educational value of the event, we determined a virtual format would be the best option.

Do I need to register for the virtual ILCSC?

Yes, pre-registration is required. There is no cost to attend, but you need to register.

I registered for the in-person ILCSC 2020; does that carry over to the virtual event or do I need to register again?

Your registration for this year’s ILCSC will be applied to the virtual event. However, if you have already paid for this year’s originally planned in-person ILCSC, the cost of registration for 2020 will be rolled over to ILCSC 2021. When registration opens for the next in-person event, you will receive a special code to waive the cost of registration.

If you previously registered for the in-person ILCSC 2020, please see this additional information.

What is the format of the Virtual International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference?

The virtual ILCSC is designed to reach the global lung cancer community. The virtual conference is structured just like a traditional in-person event with a lobby, exhibit hall, auditorium, breakout sessions, a lounge, swag, and more – but it’s all on your screen. You will be able to engage with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and fellow attendees just as you would during a traditional event. 

What can I do at the virtual event?

You will be able to:

  • Watch live and recorded sessions from the auditorium, then participate in Q&A and polls.
  • Engage with exhibitors and presenters/speakers through live chat, audio, or video.
  • Visit our lounge and patient education room to access a wealth of information, engage with others in the lung cancer community, and chat with lung cancer experts.

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Using the Technology

How do I access the event?

You will receive an email containing a private link with your login details several days before the start of the conference.

Do I need to download any special software to attend this event?

The event will be run through your internet browser using the video conferencing platform Zoom. You do NOT have to download the Zoom desktop app to your computer in order to participate. You will see a prompt asking if you want to download the app, but you can decline.

If you have participated in a Zoom meeting before, it’s possible you may already have Zoom on your computer. Please be aware that all users of the Zoom desktop app must upgrade to version 5.0+ to join any meeting. Therefore, to ensure you can access the sessions, please make sure that you upgrade Zoom on your computer prior to the start of the conference. You can update your system now via the Zoom Download Center. They also offer a how-to video.

Can I use an iPad or other tablet?

Yes! Be sure to download the Zoom app from the App Store or Google Play first.

Is a webcam or microphone required?

You will not need a webcam or microphone to participate in the sessions. You will be able to view the sessions on your computer screen and listen to them through your computer’s speakers. However, if you plan to interact with expo vendors and participate in the informal small group (topic-specific) conversations, a microphone and webcam will provide a better experience.

What is the preferred browser?

Any of these standard browsers will work: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

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Navigating the Virtual Event

How do I join a track/presentation?

Enter the desired room through the Auditorium and click on the “View Event” screen. A list of session descriptions will appear, along with a countdown clock to the right of each description, just above the “join” button. When the start time arrives, click “join” and wait for the host to open the meeting room.

What happens in a session?

Each session will feature a speaker who will present on their topic, then take questions. Polling questions might be presented during the session as well. The questions can be asked by attendees in a live chat format and will be moderated. Any questions not answered during the session will be emailed to the speaker, who will then follow up with attendees.

What if I miss a session or an exhibitor?

No problem! All content will be available for 30 days after the event. Just use your login to access presentations, visit exhibitor booths, or send a message to an exhibitor.

Will session video presentations be available?

Yes, selected sessions will be available on-demand within 24 hours of the event closing.

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Networking and Social Aspects

Will there be any networking events?

Yes, there will be dedicated networking events for all attendees. Stay tuned for details!

Who will I be able to chat with?

You will be able to chat with exhibitors during the Community Partner Expo and others throughout the event.

Will my chats be private?

Yes. Only the vendor you are chatting with will be able to see your messages.

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Attending the Community Partner Expo

How do I network with people at the Community Partner Expo?

There will be several networking opportunities to connect live with exhibitors and attendees via text, video, and audio channels.

Can I share my information with exhibitors?

Absolutely! Each exhibitor booth is fully staffed for the duration of the event with a representative. You can connect with these representatives via live chat during the event or schedule a time to chat 1:1.

How will I be able to take away handouts and flyers like I would at an in-person event?

Resources that attendees find helpful (such as PDF, Word, or Excel documents) can be saved to your online swag bag and downloaded at your convenience within the 30-day window.

What is the Swag Bag?

The digital binder is an electronic storage space that resides on ILCSC platform. All you need to do is click on the document and select “save to digital binder.” Resources that you find helpful can be saved to your binder and downloaded at your convenience within the 30-day window.

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